Donna Martin Graduates!

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I am a little completely and utterly embarrassed to tell you this. In fact I am A LOT embarrassed to tell you this......

I am totally OBSESSED with Tori and Dean. Not so much Tori and Dean themselves, but rather, Tori and Dean the TV show. I love it! I feel like I am literally watching my own life on TV. Well, not quite my life, but the similarities are frightening.

Never mind the fact that our boys are about the same age and have the same name, and never mind the fact that she was also renovating a new house, and was having major issues with the completion of said house, but like me she is totally out of her mind.

I can't believe Donna Martin is my celebrity missing half! How is it possible that during all of those 90210 reruns I never realized I was watching my soul mate on the television. Ok, ok, maybe soul mate is a bit over the top, but seriously people I love this show and will be very sad next week when the season finale I just have to find a way to get her to read my blog. Then we will be besties, and I could move to Hollywood, and we could barbecue at each others house, and our kids will be best friends, and my son can marry her new daughter.......

Got You! What did you think, I'm some kind of stalker? I'm not that crazy.........not yet anyway.