Dead. D.E.A.D.

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The Anderson's suffered a great loss this weekend.

My blogging machine, aka My Husband's gaming machine, aka our home computer, passed away Sunday at 3:55pm. In truth it died about a week before, but it was Sunday that I received that fateful phone call that my baby didn't make it through the surgery.

"Technically" she could have been saved but any operation would have cost more than she was worth. My husband (being the sentimental guy he is), then asked can you recycle it? What about the memories, what about my blog, I cried. But alas the computer is now somewhere in computer heaven, and I am without a computer from the hours of 8-6 while my husband is happily typing away on our laptop. at work. 2 miles away. Leaving me with NOTHING to write with.

Clearly this little "situation" is not going to last and I am now not so subtly lusting after a Mac Book like I lust after a pair of Christian Louboutin knee high boots, the crocodile ones, you know the ones that are virtually impossible to get. Yes, it's that bad, if you gave me the option right now I would chose the computer (honey, I hope you're reading this.....wink, wink.)

So until my beautiful little white laptop appears, I will have to post at night so I apologize to those of you who like to read a new post with your cup of morning coffee. I am sure my prince will come through soon.

Velocity Micro