Dancing With The.......WHO CARES??????

Am I the only one in the world who hates Dancing With The Stars??? I mean really, who watches this show?

So apparently a new season/cast is upon us. How do I know this? Because, this is all E! NEWS talks about, I mean all they talk about. Tonight's leading story......apparently Kim (Junk in the Trunk) Kardashian cut her toe and the burning question is "How is this going to affect her dancing." Really? Really people? Is this breaking news, a stubbed toe?

TMZ also had this as their headline grabbing story, complete with pictures of the minor wound and the "crime scene" footage. Could this be more ridiculous? Some F list celebrity hurts her big toe and the media makes a huge tizzy about how this is going to affect her chances on some D list TV show. What has reality television come to?

I realize I am not referencing the most respectable of media outlets, but I still am in total disbelief that people are still interested in a show with washed up celebrities, wearing trashy sequined costumes, dancing to terrible elevator music. Not to mention this is like season number 5 of the same thing. Am I missing something? Maybe I am the one who is behind the times?

So, until I see any reason to have a change of heart, I will be keeping my DVR clear for some real quality television. What you ask? The new 90210 of course! Ok, ok I realize I may not be watching most high-brow of television shows, but Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh back together again? Now that's what I call must see TV. But now that I think about it wasn't Jennie Garth on last season's Dancing With the Stars...............