This is why you dont shop for bathing suits online.

Shopping for a bathing suit is a bad idea, shopping for a bathing suit online is a very, very bad idea. I knew this. However, after one too many beers the other night, my sister and I made this fatal mistake. Things turned out badly.....very, very badly.

It all started a week ago. My bestie K.D. is throwing a big summer beach bash this weekend. I, of course, thought that I needed a new hot bathing suit for the event. I am currently loving the Monkini and thought this would be the new perfect yummy mummy trend. After hours of searching the internet, and a few too many drinks, H.M. and I thought we found our dream swimmies, at Target of all places (yes I get cheaper the more I drink.) We thought we had made the score of the century. That was until our overnighted package arrived today.


Above is the Mariah Carey, Stripper Monkini that I will NOT be rocking tomorrow. Believe me I looked NOTHING like the girl in the picture.

Two important lessons ladies.
1) Don't drink and shop.
2) Never, Never, Never order a bathing suit online.

See you in the return aisle.