OMFGeorge Michael

Sunday night my life was forever changed. Sunday I went my first (yes first) concert ever, and it was AMAZING. My bestie K.D. and I saw George Michael play at the Garden and seriously it was on of the best nights of my life. George (yes, we are on a first name basis) was so hot and the concert was unbelievable. We had awesome seats and I still don't have a voice from screaming "Freedom" at the top of my lungs. Here are some pics from my seat. Also, check out this video from YouTube and you will see why I am now COMPLETELY obsessed with George Michael.
This is George singing my favorite "Father Figure"

Here is the crowd during the "Freedom" you see why I have no voice.

Below is a pic of George telling the crowd that he is no longer going to date men, rather he and I are running away together. Yes, I made that last part up but a girl can dream can't she?