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Lions, Tigers, and Lobster Bakes...OH MY!

Summering at the Cape is a New England tradition dating back to the Pilgrims. Who wouldn't want to leave (flee) England, for some sun, surf, and all the lobster you can eat? As the tradition continues, many Bostonians flee this concrete jungle every Memorial day and head down South for the Summer. My fellow yummy mummy J.A. has opened her doors to us refugees next week and the only question left is what to wear?

Here are a few preppy picks I will be sporting next week:

1) A monogrammed beach bag: For carrying all those magazines and books to the beach.

2) A hot tunic. I'm loving this Tory Burch classic.

3) Cashmere cable knit sweater. A must have for those chilly nights at the clam bake.

This is why you dont shop for bathing suits online.

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