I Love Al Gore.

I LOVE Al Gore.

Nobel Prize, Oscar, Emmy, what's next a cure for cancer? Al Gore is awesome. He lost (won) the presidency, got fat, and came out the other side a rock star.

Al Gore is awesome. Yes I jumped on the bandwagon, but what a bandwagon to be on! Why oh why didn't Al show this side of himself 8 years ago? Can you just imagine all of us driving around in our electric cars? It would be just like The Jetsons. Al Gore is the new and improved Bono. He is the Bono without the weird accent and dated sunglasses. Al Gore wants what we all want. Clean water, clean air, and Prius' for all. Coming from a mom and a fellow Prius driver, this works for me.

So here is to you Al, my secret boyfriend. I'm keeping the hope alive.