Come Out of the Pregnancy Closet With Your Hands Up.


Why, oh why, is it that every time I open one of my weekly mags or turn on my favorite entertainment television shows I am being bombarded with "Celebrity Bump Watch" for the umpteenth time?" Can't we give these girls a little privacy????

I admit that I too am curious when a celeb is beginning to show a little wiggle in the middle, but really, do they need it plastered on the front page of every magazine? Then of course there are the lame denials that always follow, and by the time we find out if said celebrity is actually with child, said child is in kindergarten (paging Jennifer Lopez). Furthermore, more times then not it turns out that that pooch was just a little gas or the remnants of that breakfast burrito from the morning's set.

I just think that with miscarriage rates being as high as they are, it is amazingly cruel to try to out someone before they are sure if everything is a ok. Maybe the celebs should broker a deal. If every pregnant celeb, and celebutant, agreed that at 13 weeks they would hold a press conference announcing their expanding belly, then could the media hold out? Somehow I doubt it. I'm just glad that I don't have cameras following me around 24/7 because let me tell you I would be on week 50 of "bump watch."