Birthday Parties for a One Year Old? Really???

Please don't judge me.

I am having a birthday party for my one year old. I realize this is TOTALLY ridiculous, but in my defense I present the following case.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I did not set out to have a party. It all began when my mother-in-law decided to come to visit for my little man's first birthday (from Europe). Then my brother-in-law, and sister-in-law planned a trip up here at the same time. It just so happens that my sister is also in town for the summer. AND to top it all off we will have just moved into our new dream home!

Ok, I see you rolling your eyes at me, juror number 12, but what a better time is there to throw a party???? Of course this party would need a theme, and Liam's birthday is right at that time.....and well there you go. I am having a big party for a one year old.

Here is how I am trying NOT to go overboard (this is not an easy task, I have never been known for subtly.)
  1. We are having a Brunch. Complete with bloody mary's and mimosas...a little alcohol in the morning never hurt anyone as far as I am concerned and it may distract from the fact that this is a party for someone who can't walk or talk yet.
  2. In the (adorable) invitations I requested that our guests not being presents.
  3. The majority of the guests will be adults. I am considering this our only housewarming party. Two birds, one stone.
  4. All of the paperware, utensils, etc...will be coming from this great company called Green Party Goods which makes all eco-friendly, biodegradable, super cute party supplies.
  5. This will be Liam's only party this year! Under no circumstances will we have more than one party.
  6. I will not buy a new outfit. Not for me and not for Liam. The fact that I have the perfect new outfit just sitting in my closet that I happend to buy for a previous occasion does not count!
In conclusion, this is not my fault! Just don't ask me if I am remorseful....this may be where my guilt will be shown, because the fact is I CAN'T WAIT!

Ok, ok you might as well just give me my punishment now.