Stroller Envy

Strollers are the new handbag. Just as the diaper bag is the new black.

For the yummy mummy the stroller has become the must have item. From the day you find out your are pregnant, and only dream of all things baby, and the stroller is at the top of your lust list. I can still remember the day I saw my first Bugaboo. My friends had just found out they were pregnant and of course they rushed right out and bought a brand new Bugaboo frog. I remember seeing that big stroller in their tiny apartment. I remember the feel of the canvas, and kicking its sturdy wheels. I remember looking longingly through the accessories book, deciding whether or not I would buy the umbrella, and/or the foot muff. I remember how cute it looked with the bassinet feature attached, and I imagined what it would be like to walk up and down Newbury with a little one tucked inside. Luckily, my time came soon thereafter. Almost immediately after I saw those two pink lines indicating that I was indeed having a baby, I was  placing my order for my very own Bugaboo. I brought that big brown box home, and spent the next 6 (yes 6) hours putting together that amazing machine.

Flash forward 10 months........the Bugaboo SUCKS! Yes I said it. It is big, and heavy, and bulky, and did you know THERE IS NO DOUBLE ATTACHMENT??? What are you supposed to do when that second little bundle of joy comes along. Everyone immediately mentions the skateboard attachment. Oh yea, I know a million 2 year olds who would be more than happy to stand all day at the back of a stroller. I don't think so!!!!!!

Needless to say when I found out that the hottest double stroller, the Phil and Ted, starts as a single, I may have shed a few tears. Why didn't anyone tell me this? ????? It's half the price, and will last twice as long.

Now I know some of you will miss those looks from the other mommies who are eying up your Bugaboo, but for the money you saved you can stomp right pass them in your new Louboutins and laugh.