Reclaiming My Childhood

I have a secret I have been hiding from you. Since we are now friends I feel comfortable letting you into my little circle of trust., um............ok, here it is. Deep breath. I................used to be a GEEK.

Now I know what you are thinking, everyone says that. I know this. If I have listen to one more celebrity talk about what a dork they were in high school I am going to gag. Especially when said celebrity then has a picture flash on the screen of them wearing their perfect Guess jeans, with their beautiful teased blonde hair, and their pink Reebok high-tops that only the popular girls would wear.

I am not that girl. Not even close. I was a GEEK. I had tight permed hair that was shaped like an afro courtesy of the J.C. Penny salon (I went in asking to look like Kelly McGillis from Top Gun.) I weighed all of 50 pounds soaking wet, in 8th grade! I sucked my fingers until I was 12 (of course in front of other people). And the worst of it. I ate glue. A lot of glue. Now you have it, I was THAT kid. The kid you all laughed at, the kid no one would be friends with except for all the other freaks. Yes, THAT kid.

By the grace of god my mother remarried and I was able to escape the horror. I moved to a new town, let the hair grow, began to copy the latest fashions in my Seventeen magazine. You know the drill, the whole Nicole Richie makeover.

As fate was have it I ended up going to law school with a kid who was from my sleepy Colorado town. We became great friends and now he is marrying another girl from our town. So next week I fly back to the city of my birth to face down all those kids who still remember me as the girl with the tight perm.

Rest assured I am prepared. I have my highlights in perfect form, and my nails will be perfectly polished. I have spent more time, and money on my wedding/ rehearsal dinner outfits than I did for my own wedding. And after a decade of counseling I am ready....I think.

I of course will fill you in on all the happenings, but until then cross your fingers for me. While you are at it cross your toes too? Us geeks need to stick together.