How Did I Get Here?

As mummies of young children we often ask ourselves this question: How did I get here??? Here is the quick and dirty about how I embraced my inner yummy mummy.

I'm married to a handsome young doctor who is very ambitious (meaning he works A LOT), and I used to be a lawyer, (locking up the rif raf and such.) I now spend my days with other yummy mummies at the gym, park, lunch, and music classes, all the the places that you would expect to find a bunch of women who are basking in the glow of motherhood, while at the same time trying to keep their eyes open after a rough nights sleep feeding a grouchy infant. I work as a consultant from home two days a week, but this is temporary and right now I am unsure of what is next for me career wise. Right now I am happy, and very busy, taking care of my beautiful baby boy, ad for the first time in my life I have no real plan for the future.

This post is dedicated to my former bestie K.D. who had a facebook intervention, and together we decided that the hours that I spend glamorizing my page could be put to better use. K.D. was there minutes after my little man came into the world (she of course skipped the pushing, as all of us wish we could have). So here's to you kitty.