Au Revoir

I’m not sure where exactly I was when I realized that I wanted to stop writing my blog.

I know the idea started creeping in about three years ago, when I realized that if you wanted to have a successful blog you had to run it like a business. This meant sponsored posts, constant content creation, and a real time commitment- three things that I knew I was not interested in. It was around this time that Instagram became the new “blog” platform and as much as I tried to convince myself that microblogging was just a fad, I couldn’t help but notice that engagement on blogs (and especially my blog) was way down. The bottom line was people were busy and just didn’t have the time or desire to seek out smaller and more independent blogs. Even with all the great press I received, it wasn't enough to garner enough dialog which really is the fuel that keeps a blog running.  I knew the end was probably in sight but I just couldn’t imagine what my week would feel like without writing my blog.

And then I got busy. Really really busy.

I was at a point where my design business was taking off and at the same time I was working on designing our Costa house. I had a million commitments at my kids school and I felt like an equal amounts of obligations outside of my “work.” During these super busy periods I found myself unable to sit still and it was impossible for me to get into the right head space to pen a post. As a result the blog began to lag and that’s when I knew it was over. I tried to make up for the lack of posting by posting “quality” posts to try to make myself more inspired to write, but even then I found myself struggling to get enthusiastic about sitting down to put together a post. 

Now it’s 2019 and here I am. I’m wrapping the projects that kept me so busy last year and we are only eight weeks away from moving into the Costa house. I’ve replaced the word “stress” with “personal growth” and in the fall I took on only things that would feed my soul. I’ve fulfilled a life-long dream of mine (or at least a dream of mine for the last decade) and I’ve started taking full emersion French classes twice a week. It’s fun and it’s challenging and it’s by far one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. I’ve also started cooking and I really want to push myself in the kitchen this year so I’ve taken on a challenge of #250daysofepiccooking where I plan on making killer dinners for 250 nights this year and sharing the recipe each day on Instastories. Last month I became a certified free diver after diving 70 feet in the ocean, something I never in a million years would have thought that I’d start doing at 40 years old.

And I’m designing. I’ve done a lot in the last five years design wise and honestly, it still hasn’t really hit me that this is what I do as a profession. That’s so crazy. (Seriously, it’s insane considering that when I started this blog I was a lawyer with absolutely NO interest in design).  I am so incredibly proud of the homes I’ve created and I’m at a point where I really want to spend some time reveling in all I’ve done. Having this blog brings with it so much pressure to share and talk about my work, and to do it successfully I need to go from one project to the next which means bringing on staff and really pushing forward full speed.

The thing I’ve learned about myself over the last year is I just don’t want any of that. I feel like my entire life I have had my foot on the gas pedal and I have been pressing with all my might. It’s actually a good thing I had this blog because without it I’m not even sure I could remember this last decade. From one kid to two, one house to the next, a new business… you name it, it happened to us this decade and I loved sharing it with all of you. For so long I felt like I was part of a community that I created and having this platform for me to bounce the inner-workings of my brain off made me feel like I could do anything, even if sometimes I was just reflecting my own thoughts back to myself.

I guess I’m just at the point where I don’t want to share anymore. I turn 40 this year, I know exactly who I am, who my kids are, what my life looks like and I’m at the point where I just want to experience the world I created. I want to do/ and or create things and not think about how others would feel about it. When you write a blog or put yourself out there on social media, you are automatically in a vulnerable position because you are sending out something that is important to you (your work, your kids, your self identity) for others to judge. Lately, that’s become such a big deal for me.  I want to love my work and my life because I PERSONALLY love these things and not because I want approval from someone else. I want so badly to enter my 40’s feeling completely confident about who I am as a person and I believe the first step is to stop seeking approval from those around me. This means walking away from this blog and social media all together. I’m know I’m not quite ready to pull the plug on all my social media but I’m hoping that will time I will get there. 

So, in the end it is a happy ending. I started this blog was I was a new mother and one who had just walked away from the only profession she had ever known. I was 28 years old, I had no idea about who I was and I was alone all day. At the time my friends all had work and parties and a life, and I had a newborn. Now, some twelve years later I am a totally different person with a totally different identity. I am living the life I only wrote about back then and I’m the opposite of lonely. I have two boys that I love so deeply and a husband who continues to excite and inspire me every day of my life. I have the best friends in the entire world, women who have my back so fiercely and whom together have pushed me to become the person that I am today. And I have my hobbies. My french, my cooking, my design projects. I am so fulfilled on a creative level and I know exactly where my place is. This life is more than I could have ever dreamed of and I am super excited to begin to truly live each moment as it comes.

I can’t thank you all enough for reading over the years. This community has given me so much support and I will forever be grateful for your words of encouragement and advice. Some of you have been with me from the beginning and I’m not sure how I would have made it through our fertility struggles without you. Writing this blog for you has pushed me to be the best version of myself and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The world is small and I hope we will soon cross paths in the “real world.” For those of you who would like to stay in touch you can reach me at

XO- Robin


Surviving Winter: The Teddy Bear Coat

I’ve been in Boston for almost fifteen years and for those last fifteen years I’ve been searching for the perfect coat for everyday use. I’ve wanted something that’s not a dress coat or a parka, and something that isn’t super fashionable or trendy. Rather I’ve been looking for something that will keep me warm throughout my multiple school runs, a coat that I can bundle up in during my kids’ weekend games, and something that I can keep on in a restaurant because if you live in Boston chances are you are always freezing from October- May.

Enter the teddy bear coat.

A few weeks ago an email popped up from one of my favorite brands Emerson Fry, and it was for her new teddy bear car coat. I immediately pulled over and placed my order as this was the exact type of coat that I have been searching for over the last fifteen years. The coat arrived a few days later and over the past few weeks I haven’t taken it off. I wear it over my (ahem) pj’s to school drop off, over real clothes the rest of my day, and then most of the night whether I’m staying in or going out. It’s truly that versatile.

The thing about a teddy bear coat is that it’s exactly what it claims to be. It’s like a giant (warm) teddy bear that is basically giving you a hug all day. The coat I have is very flexible so it’s almost like you are wearing a robe, but a robe that everyone you ever meet will comment on and tell you how adorable your coat is and how warm you look. (true story) I swear this coat is the one thing that has been missing from my life here in Boston and now that I’ve found it I’m not sure we can ever move. The coat I purchased (shown above) is sadly out of stock but I was able to find it on this site which is kind of amazing.

Below I’ve featured some fabulous ladies who clearly got the memo on the teddy bear coat (don’t they all look so warm?) and below I’ve linked to some of my favorites that are available for the season. I’ve never felt like I could pull off a fur (or faux fur) coat but it turns out that I’ve just been waiting for the right kind of fur… one that belongs to a stuffed animal! Xx

get the look.jpg

Can We Talk About A Star Is Born?

I have seen A Star is Born twice over the last four days.

This movie has basically consumed my every thought and as much as I try to get over it, I can’t. I just can’t. I feel like everywhere I go I just keep asking people if they have seen this movie, and all I want to do is talk about it ALL. DAY. LONG. The good thing is that my girlfriends seem to love the movie and much as I do, so at least I have an outlet, but at some point we have to move on to other topics and that’s when I’m back to being my grief stricken self, listening to Shallow on repeat while searching for articles about this movie. As I said, I just can’t get over it.

This is my current mental state when it comes to this movie:

I’m heartbroken.

I’m also so inspired.

But, I’m really just in awe of the art that was created between Gaga and Cooper and I’m just so THANKFUL that they exist and that they created something so so beautiful.

I’m also really f$%king heartbroken.

I walked in to the movie blindly on Thursday, having only started listening to the soundtrack the week before and I left a sobbing mess, but a mess that just wanted more. I swear I could barley sleep that night and after listening to the soundtrack on repeat all day Friday, I spent the better part of the afternoon looking up articles about the film and watching interviews because I just needed to know all there was to know about the making of this movie.

It turns out that this movie is what it is because of the passion and true artistry that went into it. You have a first time director, who doesn’t sing and doesn’t play guitar, casting himself as a famous musician, who chose his leading lady after five minutes of singing with her (and it just so happens that she’s not really an actress). They both feel so deeply in love with the script and the story that each of them pushed themselves to be the best they can be, and together they created movie MAGIC. If that isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is. To tell such an authentic love story in such a real and accurate way is truly an anomaly these days. I’m just so grateful that these two stars took this leap together because it has really changed the way I look at my own work, and life, and damnit, that soundtrack is one of the best things I’ve ever heard.

For those of you who are looking to take a deep dive into this movie (no real pun intended), here are some links to a few things that have made me love this movie even more.

First, the question we are all asking, how did Bradley Cooper look so hot in the movie? Oh, and in case there was any question, he’s pretty damn hot in real life too. Here he is person in one of the few interviews that he did to promote this film. The one thing that I didn’t know is that Cooper is an incredibly private person. So private in fact that there is almost no information in this NYT profile, yet it tells so much about the kind of guy he is. He’s also incredibly smart and amazingly hardworking, and this Vanity Fair article details so many of the thoughtful details he put into this movie.

Then there is GaGa. I mean, I liked her before but now I am just totally and utterly in awe of here. This interview with Steve Colbert is really incredible (I’ve watched it three times) and this is hilarious and so right on! She is such a powerhouse! That VOICE. I could watch this breakdown of that scene a thousand times and not tire of it. The rawness and vulnerability that she was able to portray is something I won’t soon forget.

Finally, the midcentury house from the film has been found. Man, what I wouldn’t do to visit that place…

Are any of you as moved by this movie as I am? I really don’t think I’ll ever get over it. If you’d like to discuss in the comments, you know I’m all in! Xx

Always Iconic: The Nelson Bubble Pendant

There are a lot of pieces out there that you can buy for your home that can work with any decor and be timeless, but there are very few that can work with any decor, are timeless, and are also inexpensive. The Nelson Bubble pendant is one of those few things. Created by George Nelson, one of the fathers of American Modernism, the bubble pendant has been gracing homes for decades and it just seems to be one of those things (like an Eames chair) that never goes out of style.

Over the summer there was a new issue of AD featuring Michael Kors and his stunning NYC apartment, and front and center was the Nelson Bubble pendant. As I leafed through the mag, I sensed a trend as almost every home featured had a bubble pendant somewhere in it. I, myself, have two in my home and I purposefully chose them first for their looks, but also for their affordability. The pendants can bring a touch of modernity to almost any space and I had a pretty good time pulling images to prove this point.

I know the Nelson pendant is nothing new, but the way that designers are still embracing it after all these years definitely makes it an icon, and it’s something that I think we are going to continue to see for decades to come. Xx

get the look.jpg

My Waban Project's Formal Living Room Featured In Sunday's Boston Globe

Over the weekend the formal living room from my ongoing project in Waban, was featured in the Style Watch section of the Boston Globe Magazine and I’m so excited to finally be able to share the rest of the room here on my site with all of you. As you longtime readers know, this is a house I’ve been working on for the last few years for a good friend of mine and this is the second publication for this project! (The first can be seen here).

When I first I started to conceptualize this space I already had a good idea where this room was heading, given that I had already finished designing the majority of the rest of the home. I knew I wanted to keep some of the common themes from the rest of the house (neutrals, deep blues, brass and black accents) but I also felt like it was important that this space had an identity of its own. I wanted to do something glamorous given that this was a formal space, but initially I wasn’t quite sure where to start. I first found the artwork that you see over the fireplace and gold console, by Brooklyn based artist Lisa Hunt, in a store in SOHO a few years ago and that artwork really inspired the rest of the room.

My goal for the space was to create a room that was made for entertaining and I really wanted to re-think the idea of a traditional formal living room, which can often feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Instead I wanted to design a room that was built for both casual and formal entertaining and one that really paid homage to the 19th century home that this room was part of. The end result is one that is fun, vibrant, ageless, and a space that is truly unique. My client / friend really trusted me with this space from he beginning and I have to applaud her for never flinching in her support, even when I would send her things like that gold console. I knew this space was going to be magical when she immediately jumped on board with my idea to make an art display out of black pottery and when it comes to interior design it’s a truth that rooms like this can only be created when you and your client are totally on the same page. I feel incredibly grateful that I was able to get the leeway that I needed form my clients to create a room that I am so proud of.

Below you can see all the beautiful little corners of the room, and if you’d like to read the article (which has sources!) you can find it online here. The experience of seeing my work in print is one that will never get old and I have to say it’s just as exciting as it was the first time around. A huge thank you to Sabrina Cole Quinn for her stunning photography and to Marni Katz for her wonderful article and for immediately seeing the possibility in this project. Xx


All photography by the incredibly talented Sabrina Cole Quinn

Trending Fall 2018: Animal Print

Without question I feel like I look my best when I am wearing leopard print. It also took me until the end of this summer to realize this. It’s not that I have that many leopard pieces but I’ve found that the ones that I do have are the pieces I reach for the most, and there were a few times these past few months that I’ve had to remind myself that I had just worn the same outfit the week or two prior. The sad thing was that I was sort of at a loss throwing something together without wearing it again.

The thing about leopard print is that it carries with it an feeling of instant chicness and sexiness, and I think that is what has me wanting to wear it so often. It’s like I am my most confident self when flanked in leopard and because of that it’s no surprise that I chose the print to wear for my recent “Most Stylish” feature. My love of leopard is pretty apparent in my wardrobe, I wear leopard mules almost every day and have a few leopard blouses and dresses that are heavily in my rotation. My favorite bathing suit is covered in leopard print and I’ve worn it so many times that I’m pretty sure it’s about to fall apart. I’m personally not a huge fan of a fur like leopard coat, but I can see why people love them and when I see them usually out in the, err wild, I always question why it is that I don’t own one myself.

The good thing is that leopard, and animal print in general, is print that is pretty easy to come by, and at all price points. This season I think we are going to see more animal prints than usual and clearly this is something that I am not mad about. Not at all. Below I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite inspiration images that show just how versatile leopard is and I’ve also rounded up a few of my favorite animal print pieces of the season in case this print is something that you are missing in your wardrobe. They say you can never have too much of a good thing and when it comes to leopard print clothing I unequivocally agree! Xx

get the look.jpg

Top photo (in one of my favorite leopard shirts) by Jaimie Baird Photography

All other images via Marie Claire // Vogue // The Lady Like Leopard // Armenyl // Grazia

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Flip Flops, Dad Sneakers & Bicycle Shorts, Oh My!

Copenhagen Fashion Week tends to be my favorite fashion week, mostly because I favor anything that happens during the summer that also involves warm-weather fashion. Beyond that, I tend to find a lot of inspiration at this specific show given that the European fashionistas that always find a way to BRING IT to Copenhagen. This year was no exception, but I have to say I did find myself scratching my head quite a bit looking at the captures from these street-style mavens because normcore is trending and it seems to be taking over. 

Plastic flip flops with silk skirts, bicycle shorts with Burberry, dad sneakers paired with lace dresses, you name it, someone wore it to Copenhagen FW. I pride myself on being a bit of a comfort queen but I even have to admit this might be taking things just a bit too far. I had a long conversation with a girlfriend of mine about this very topic last week and we agreed that the bike shorts and dad sneaks are probably better left to the fashion world, but we disagreed about the return of the plastic flip flop.

In my 20’s I would wear flip flops everywhere and with everything, but as I’ve aged I’ve found my way to a leather sandal and never, EVER did I think I’d be going back. I mean, aren’t we all evolved enough to know that flip flops are for gym showers and the beach and not for evening wear? My friend disagreed wholeheartedly and brought up a good point that flip flops are just the summer versions of the white sneaker and we all know that I’m the biggest proponent of all things that involve a white sneaker. I've got to say, it's kind of hard to argue with that logic. 

The real highlight for me during this fashion week was the return of the Dior saddle bag and it seems like quite a few people got the memo and channeled their inner Carrie Bradshaw. I feel like so many of outfits could have appeared on SJP during the series which has me asking in a very SATC way, do fashion trends cycle every 20 years? If that's the case I'm pretty sure I can never get rid of anything ever again I'm also questioning why I never got a saddle bag in the 90's. It would be vintage by now! 

Below you will find a few of my favorite looks from the week that was, that also highlight the norm core trend. These are looks that will probably remain with the street style crew but as we all know they always tend to find a way to trickle down to everyone else. Xx

Images via Sandra Semburg and Vogue 

Fall 2018 Trendspotting : Mad For Plaid

I know it's about 100000 degrees in most of the US right now, but September is just around the corner and we all know this new season always brings with it the promise of a new fall wardrobe.  

The weather in Boston pretty much sucks about 8 months a year but we have fall, and fall ushers in the most beautiful weather that is perfect for getting dressed. You know, DRESSED. During the winter and spring, unless I have a special event I live in my jeans and parkas, and that's about as wild as I get. In the summer it's cutoffs and a pair of leather sandals which feels pretty freeing in the beginning of the season, but becomes a bit monotonous by the end. But fall, fall. Fall is when all my silk blouses, wool trousers, loafers, dresses, SCARVES, and blazers come out to play. Let's just say that if there were ever a time I'd want to run into an ex- boyfriend on the street, September- November would definitely be that time because the likelihood of me looking like my best self multiples about 10x in those perfect months.

I find that I tend to do most of my shopping for the year during the summer. The first few weeks of summer break I shop because I am eager to cash in on all the incredible sales from the season prior, and I find that I do the rest of my annual shopping in August because all of a sudden everything in the shops looks so shiny and new and well, fall-like. After months spent barefoot in caftans, a blazer and a pair of boots always sounds pretty damn good. I always like to see what's being featured in the September issues and while I wouldn't consider myself to be trendy, as I really only purchase pieces that I feel I could wear over and over throughout the next decade, I do know that once I see certain looks on repeat I tend to want them too and I guess I'd rather be ahead of a trend than behind it. 

If I had to pick on the one thing that I think we will be seeing a lot of this coming season, based on recent ad campaigns, it's going to be plaid and I have to say that this is one trend that I am not mad about. (You see what I did there, right?) Plaid is going to be everywhere this year and considering that this is one of those things that becomes "hot" at least once every decade, it's one trend you don't have to be afraid to invest in. Right now I'm loving the idea of pairing plaid with unexpected prints like floral or leopard, and I'll always be a sucker for some plaid on plaid. These pants are currently topping my wishlist, and I'm thinking it might be worth spending some time at my local thrift shop for a cool "vintage" blazer considering that I'm sandwiched between multiple universities which means there has to be some cool cast-offs out there somewhere. 

Below I've rounded up 20 of my favorite new plaid pieces for fall, along with some serious plaid inspiration (sadly, bouquets of sharpened pencils are sold separately). It may not feel like it, but soon the first day of school will be here. Xx

get the look.jpg

The Costa House: Under Construction

It's hard to believe it, but somehow almost two months have passed and we are already packing up our life down here in preparation for our return to the states. It's been incredible to have spent so much time in the country we love and watching our house go up before my very eyes is an experience that I won't soon forget. What was once just an idea, casually drawn on a piece of paper, is becoming a real life structure and it's crazy to think that the next time we see the house it's going to be almost done. 

I haven't posted much on the construction of the house, because up until now it didn't really seem complete enough to show what was actually happening. Like an ultrasound of a small fetus, unless you know the full anatomy it's hard understand how all the pieces fit together. Up until a few weeks ago the house only consisted of what looked like cubes made of cinder block and it was challenging to make out what area was what. This morning our builder sent me some great pictures of the property and finally the structure is starting to resemble the renderings.

These pictures classify as true "befores," but as you will see, the house is really starting to take shape. By the time I'm back here in December, the roof will be on, the windows will be installed and we will be talking about the installation of the finishes. Right now all of that seems like it is so far away, but if these last few months have taught me anything it's that once you get started, things move pretty quickly. 

I thought it would make for an interesting post to show the renderings alongside the actual structure. Seeing the two side by side you really can see how the house coming together and what's still left to build. As of last week the second floor is going up and I'm crossing my fingers that a good portion of the walls will be finished before I leave on Monday, so I can walk though all the rooms to get a real feel for the space. As I mentioned in this post, we are pretty much at the point of no return but so far each room has been pretty much how I imagined. There is still so much to do but it's starting to feel like this longtime dream is going to soon be a reality. Xx 

Anderson July 07 201811.jpg
Anderson July 07 20189.jpg
Anderson July 07 201813.jpg
Anderson July 07 20187.jpg

(Here is where we are at now, those walls you see are the master bedroom taking shape!)

Anderson July 07 2018.jpg
Anderson July 07 201814.jpg
Anderson July 07 201817.jpg

My Favorite Beds: A Roundup

My little sister asked if I would help her makeover her master bedroom and of course I said yes! While I've designed quite a few bedrooms, I have to admit that I always feel a little nervous when picking out a bed, especially one that is for the master bedroom. I'm a firm believer that your bedroom should feel like a sanctuary, given that it's where you spend at least eight hours a day, and at the end of the day you really want to love your bed (and I want nothing more than for my clients to love the ones that I pick out for them). 

There are so many different styles of beds out there, from upholstered to wood, metal and beyond and trying to find the "perfect" one can be a bit of a daunting task for anyone. When I'm picking a bed for a client I spend quite a bit of time trying to match the bed to their personality and I take cues from how my clients dress and how they spend their days. If someone is more traditional, tends to dress up, and has a a high stress life I typically lean towards upholstered. If they are on the more casual side or a bit younger, a wood frame usually fits the bill. Metal is always a great choice for a classic guest room or kid's room and I tend to use woven beds in beach houses and for the tween rooms that I create. 

Below I've rounded up six of my favorite bed frames, with an example of how I have used them in my various projects. I've broken them up by each category and for those of you who don't know what kind of bed you are, rather than take one of those facebook quizzes I suggest picturing yourself crawling into bed at the end of a long day. What does your sanctuary look like? Is it layered and plush or is it clean and more minimal? This can usually lead you to the type of bed that's right for you and hopefully you will find one below that is just what you've been looking for. In the case of my sister she is definitely a "wood" while I'd say her husband is an "upholstered", so I presented this bed and luckily she loved it. Just like in marriage, opposites can always come together in the most beautiful way.  Xx


bed copy.jpg
girlsroom (1).jpg
get the look.jpg

one // two // three // four // five // six



get the look.jpg

one // two // three // four // five // six


Metal + More

detaillayers copylighter.jpg
get the look.jpg

one // two // three // four // five // six



get the look.jpg

one // two // three // four // five // six


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Photography by Sabrina Cole Quinn Photo